TikTok is a social media platform well known for its short-form videos and ability to drive incredible results through algorithm-driven content recommendation. But, it has an underlying negative stigma towards brands that decide to emerge through the platform, so if this is to be something more than a freelance pop-up shop, then why become a "tiktok brand?"

Why do you choose to use tiktok?

Personally, for me, I choose to use it because of the ability to present something that I cherish deeply and put my time and efforts into in seconds. I can use the platform to create simplistic but eye-catching videos in a matter of 15 seconds that people can willingly choose to engage with, or to keep scrolling. That's what piqued my interest originally when deciding to organically market through the platform. To me, in this day and age, without an overwhelming capital, social media is by far the best and relatively only efficient way of driving popularity and results towards your projects in the event that you want to put them out there into the world, whether it's for criticism or feedback, or if it's for marketing, social media is an unbelievably useful source for both topics.

What's the purpose if you'll be labelled a "tiktok brand" at the end of the day?

There is no true purpose to it. People choose whether or not they'd like to engage with my posts and creations in the first place, and then its a complete other thing if they choose to indulge and purchase one of my products. The way I put myself out there and emerge from the shadows with these projects to market towards others doesn't undermine the efforts, workload, and thought put into each individual project. Although there is a negative stigma around that whole-- labelling structure, does it really matter when the objective is to share your creations with others who share the same passion and interests as you? With the ability to continue strolling forward on the platform in mere seconds, repetitively for hours on end, it doesn't really matter if someone disagrees or is uninterested with my projects or means of producing them, as I will continuously reach the people that are interested and can share a mutual feeling of attentiveness towards what is put in front of them. So to be frank, I do not mind having an upbringing rooted from TikTok.