Q: What is the difference between pre-made and pre-order?
A: Pre-made products are products we have in hand at the time a product is available for purchase, meaning we can ship it out to you as soon as we receive the order. Pre-order products are products we begin making once we have received your orders, due to usually a high cost to produce. Pre-order products will only be seen on more expensive garments such as ones made out of leather. We do this in order to make sure we have the funds to produce these garments rather than make a select amount and hope they sell well. Pre-order products can take upwards of 7-8 weeks to ship, but usually only take approx. 4.
Q: I ordered internationally, how long do I have to wait for shipping?
A: Depending on if your product was pre-made or pre-order, you will have to wait around 5-7 business days for your product to initially be shipped out ONCE we have it in hand (whether it is immediately after receiving your order or once we produce the garment), and then upwards of 20 days for the shipping provider to take your package from Point A (us) to Point B (you).
Q: Why is international shipping so expensive?
A: Shipping over the border through United States customs has never been cheap. You can use a shipping calculator to see more for yourselves.
Q: If I ordered a pre-order product AND a pre-made product in the same order, will they both ship out once the pre-order has been produced or will they ship separately?
A: Do not worry! We ship both products separately as long as your order is domestic. If we have something in hand, we won't make you wait for your separate item you've purchased to be ready as well. We will send both separately so you have however many pre-made items you ordered alongside the pre-order at your disposal until you receive your pre-ordered item. IF you've ordered a premade product and a preordered product in the same order and are shipping INTERNATIONALLY, we will have to wait to package them both together to avoid spending hefty shipping prices twice for the price of one shipment fee that you paid when ordering.
Q: I ordered a pre-order product and now want to refund it while they're being made for my own reasons, can I do so?
A: Following our sales & refund policy, you are unable to refund it until you receive the item in hand, and then return it to us in its original packaged condition. Please note that all sales are final.