Glad you were interested enough to check this out!

My name is Sam, I am 19 and am from Chicago, IL, just designing whatever comes to mind :)

Music has always piqued my interest, so I’ve been started this (I guess you could call it a brand) “brand” of mine with CDs and a custom made rug I got tufted with the help of some of my close friends :’)

To be exact, my top 3 favorite artists right now are probably (In no particular order)



Title Fight

If you ever wanna chat about these bands or suggest any possible projects related to them that I could make do let me know on Instagram @vietgnamm!

I have been working in e-commerce and selling products since I was 14, so luckily enough I know what I am doing to get these out to you guys! I hope you all enjoy.

Do note I am warehousing and shipping these all from in my own home!